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Beans n Things

6/26/13     Look at us now!

Look at who we had visit us the last past couple of days! 

We're getting anxious for this Saturday! Have you heard? Chamber of Commerce is closing down Main Street from 3rd Ave Janeaux Street to Broadway for the Community Garage Sale. Come check us out from the hours 7am to 5pm!  Just recently put up the menu on both here and on facebook; have a look to see what you could be chowing down on or sipping.


We're glad you are here!!! We have now been open for a little over a month. We have found great support from the community and are establishing ourselves as a place to gather. People gather just to share a meal or have a coffee. Some gather to play some of the games we have available for your enjoyment. Games like 'Sequence' card games, like rummy, hearts or others you may like. Some gather to sit on one of our comfortable couches just to meet and visit with friends.  Some gather upstairs for special events, private parties, etc.